You know, don't you. Normally within seconds.

You can tell when the writing is authentic, clearly written by someone who has lived it, seen it.

Yet we’re seeing less of it these days- this quality content written by experts in their field, as content is increasingly being farmed out to people who have never actually stepped foot on a superyacht, or travel writers who sit in a dark suburban office regurgitating stuff they’ve found on Google. And boy, can you tell.

I’m a 36 year old Australian specialising in authentic writing about yachts and travel. My business isn’t complicated, but it does take experience. And that, I’ve got plenty of.


Yachting Experience

I entered the yachting industry nearly 15 years ago, back in the days when 50 metres was considered a huge yacht, the MLC didn’t exist, and everyone back home thought I worked on cruise ships. Yachting’s changed a lot since then. In the intervening years I’ve travelled and lived around the world, earned a first-class degree in Politics, and become a yachting journalist and editor.

I’ve cruised the world’s oceans- from Australasia and Asia to the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean and the Med, and had a window into the lives of the people who rule the world. When it came time to leave crewing behind, I didn’t want to leave yachting completely- after all, after more than a decade, it was what I knew. The problem was solved when I pitched an article to a new yachting publication, OnboardOnline, and within months became the lead writer and editor. In that role I wrote features, opinion pieces, humorous columns and interviews, and sourced editorial from across the industry. It was a great experience- not only getting published and honing my editorial skills, but also  attending boat shows around the world and making lots of industry contacts. In 2014 I struck out on my own with Jo Morgan Writing & Editing Services, specialising in yachts and travel.
Today, I believe the yachting industry is at a crossroads between the old and the new, and that engaging, informed content has a key role to play in shaping that future- and your part in it. Whether you want to attract first-time charterers, get a great yachting blog going, or become the ‘go-to’ site for exciting yachting destinations, I can create fresh and engaging content that jumps off the page and consolidates your reputation in an increasingly crowded field. Meanwhile, I have plenty of feature ideas to pitch, and am currently looking for new publishing outlets in the yachting and mainstream media.

Travel Experience

I’ve been outrageously lucky. I’ve visited some of the most beautiful places on earth, both on yachts and in my time off- living in Caribbean jungle villages or deep in the Canadian Rockies, in grand European cities or in a bamboo hut in Vietnam. From billionaire’s yachts to backpacker hovels, I’ve had a very wide range of travelling experiences, which now inform my travel writing.

‘It’s all material’, I’d say  to myself after being sleeping gassed and robbed on an overnight train to Barcelona, or as I stood on the edge of a frozen emerald lake beside a volcano, wondering how I would ever find the words to describe that Armageddon landscape of rocks and steam and snow. As travel writer, I can draw on all those experiences to create engaging, authentic content- the kind of writing that takes the reader along for the ride.
My travel writing career is relatively new, although I have been writing about travel for my personal enjoyment for a very long time. When I started Jo Morgan Writing- Yachts & Travel, I found that the overwhelming majority of work set by yachting clients was travel-related, whether writing destination pieces to attract clients to charter, or ‘top 10’ style articles aimed at the luxury travel market. Before long, I also became the French Riviera correspondent for the See the World Guides, writing on beaches, marinas, restaurants, and local celebrities.
Writing for the superyacht industry is my field of expertise. But travel writing also has my heart, and I’m particularly interested in opportunities to expand this part of my portfolio in 2016. I’ve got plenty of feature and blog ideas to pitch from my travels, so please get in touch if you want fresh, authentic travel writing for your business or publication.
*Image credit: Bureau of Land Management via Flickr

I write for people, not robots.

(But the robots like me too.)

We’d all love to write exciting creative content, all the time. Yet the Google gods must be appeased- leading to a whole lot of SEO-focussed drivel floating about in travel and yachting writing.  I’ll happily worship at the Google shrine as much as the next person, but the job of a good writer in the internet age is in finding that fine balance between content that’s enjoyable to read and content that’s highly searchable. Producing engaging writing that has all the necessary keywords, but doesn’t feel like it has been keyword-stuffed within an inch of its life.  As it happens, finding that balance is what I do best.



What do you want to acheive in 2016?

Every company has a story. Through engaging articles, blogs, press releases and advertorials , I can get your story known, respected- and liked. With clients in the fields of luxury yachts & travel, coaching & recruitment and health & wellbeing, I use my research and writing skills to get you the results you need- quickly and with no fuss.

What your content needs:

  1. A hook
  2. An idea, simply and convincingly put
  3. Authority
  4. Likeability

Don’t know how to go about this, or struggling to get your ideas onto paper?  I can help. You love your business, pouring endless hours into building it and making it grow. Now it’s time to make everyone else love it too.


So now you know my story. What's yours?

What are you looking for and how can I help? Let’s get creative. In 2016, let’s do something a little bit different that marks us both out from the crowd.


'Jo is a fantastic creative writer, especially when it comes to yachting and travel. When I send her a short brief, she always comes back with great ideas and creates top quality articles in a quick turnaround time. She also researches topics thoroughly and has first hand experience of many related topics in yachting/travel. After working with many freelance writers in this field, I can honestly say that Jo is one of the best.' Gillon Hunter, Director, Web Vibes


‘Jo Morgan is a truly gifted writer and very smart cookie. She is able to write in different voices, giving pieces just the right tone for the target audience, and if originality is required, anything written in her own voice is always deliciously enjoyable to read. As a researcher she is very thorough and often comes up with interesting angles or approaches that I may not have thought of. Her work is polished, professional, thoughtful and intelligent. Apart from everything else she’s a great pleasure to work with and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her in the highest possible terms to anyone needing help with writing absolutely anything.’ Alison Rentoul, The Crew Coach


‘I love working with Jo. She conducts her own research to understand a topic well and writes great articles that meet the brief and match my editorial voice.  Also, she’s a very warm and likable woman who is an absolute pleasure to work with.’ Ines, Ghostwriting Client

Reader Comment

“Great article…very well put! Actually in 20 years in yachting, I’ve never heard it put better. This article should be posted in every crew agency and crew house in Ft Lauderdale.” Captain Eric Edscorn

Reader Comment

“Very entertaining and well-written article – giving plenty of credit to the excellent yacht services companies mentioned.” Norma Trease, Director of Sales and Marketing at Salamanca Marine